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Since getting married last July, my husband and I purchased our first home together 6 weeks ago! Our last home was a duplex which we knew we didn’t want to live in forever so it was hard to to put too much money and effort into it since we knew we would be selling it soon after we were married! We absolutely love our new home and I’ve been working on updating/decorating since we moved in and thought I would share the before and after pictures here!

This is what the house looks like from the front although now it has a purple door? I’m not sure why, in this picture it matched the shutters and then was painted purple before we bought the house and I’m having hard time finding the right shade of burgundy at Home Depot or Lowe’s!

I love the landscaping out front and hope it looks like this when everything starts blooming this year!

One of the features of the house that I absolutely fell in love with from the start was the entryway.  Here is a before picture:


Entryway before

I love the cathedral ceilings and decided to paint the entryway “Dolphin Fin” by Behr to give it more of a pop than that ecru color that was there before.  I also added a mirror to give the area some more depth along with a table and some hydrangeas! I love using flowers in home decor, especially during the winter when everything is cold and gloomy outside!  Here is the after picture of the entryway:

entryway after

Entryway after


 entryway after1

 Upon entry into our home, there is an office off to the right with french doors.  Here are before and after pictures of the office:



Office before


office after

Office after

office after2

I chose to paint the office green to add some color to the house since more of the other rooms are neutral (the green is actually brighter in person than in the pictures).  We also put my husband’s bourbon collection on display in the office as he is an avid bourbon collector!

office after1

Office after

I’m not much of a chef but my husband loves to cook! He has really enjoyed cooking in our new kitchen and I love all of the counterspace!  The kitchen was previously painted yellow and we decided to repaint it a lighter grey than in the entryway.  I like to paint with neutral colors and add splashes of color with accessories/decor.


kitchen & morning




kitchen after1


kitchen after


morning room

I decided to get rid of the dark “heavy” fan for a lighter chandelier!

morning room long



morning room after1

It’s all in the details!

morning room after

morning room after2

kitchen counter tulips


The downstairs bathroom needed a bit of a facelift and luckily my Dad is very handy and helped with the updating.  He installed a new light fixture, faucet (previous ones were chrome and gold), mirror and a few other accessories.  Here is the finished product:


downstairs bathroom

Bathroom before


downstairs bathroom after

I’m not a fan of chrome so we are slowly changing all the hardware in the house to brushed nickel.  You can see the gold door knob in the BEFORE BATHROOM picture and here is what all of the door knobs look like after my wonderful husband installed them! I love their sleek modern feel and we ordered them from a hardware wholesaler for a very reasonable price!

downstairs bathroom hardware

New hardware on the doors

Probably my favorite room in the house is the living room.  We continued the Behr “Dolphin Fin” paint throughout the living room since it connects to the entryway and I decided to use turquoise as an accent color which I am absolutely in love with! The previous owners had custom window treatments but they didn’t go with the color scheme I had planned for the living room so I ended up taking them down.  I’m hoping to later redo them with different material and use them in the morning room since the windows are the same size!


Living room before

It took me a couple weeks to decide on furniture for this room.  The room is very large and so I decided to buy two full-size couches and “float” the room.  I went to Bassett Furniture (I never thought I’d be able to afford custom couches but they were having an amazing President’s Day Sale) and I decided on ivory couches.  I really hope I don’t regret this decision as I know they will easily get dirty but luckily our two puppies are small and don’t track much dirt into the house, fingers crossed 🙂 I was very happy with the customer service at Bassett Furniture and they even helped me design the layout of the room at no charge, now that is impressive!


Living room after

family room after

Giovanni wanted to get in on this picture 😉

Another look at the living room after

Chair purchased on clearance from Bassett Furniture

The final room downstairs that we worked on was the dining room.  I have never had a dining room before and we hosted our first dinner party last Sunday with Brian’s and my family, we had 14 people! I love having enough room for the many people to come over and hope to celebrate many holidays at our house in the future.  Here are before and after pics of the dining room:

dining room

Dining room before

 I left the paint colors in the dining room because I really liked the contrast of the two colors.  Here is the dining room after:

dining room after

Dining room after

dining room after1

Brian now has a place to display his decanter 🙂

That is the progress on our house for now! There are still many more projects to be done and the other than paint, the upstairs has not been touched.  Like most things, a house is a continuous work in progress and I look forward to it.  I recently purchased these two chairs, any suggestions on what to do with them?!



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