Why register for wedding gifts?  Registering is an important part of the wedding planning process as it gives guests direction in terms of what you as a couple want and need.  Many people today only buy gifts off the registry so that they know they are buying something appropriate for the bride and groom.

Many registries have different perks which can give bride and grooms money back or free items just for registering at their store.  The following are some popular wedding registry websites and the benefits that the bride and groom receive for registering at the specific retailer.  Click on the logos to take you directly to their registry site!


  – Receive 5% of all purchases from your registry.  Receive 10% on all purchases that bride & groom make.


 –  Receive free items simply for putting them on your registry.  Receive 20% off all registry items after the wedding.



Do you have more than one registry at different retailers? Here is an easy solution, combine all of your registries into one easy access link that you can send or email out to family and friends!

Registry 360


Trouble deciding what to register for? Click here for help!


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