Wedding Trivia Napkins!

(Photo by Fisher Creative Image) When planning my wedding I read many different bridal blogs to get ideas for my own wedding! One thing I decided to splurge on that I saw on a blog were trivia napkins.  Trivia napkins are a GREAT way for wedding guests to “break the ice” at the reception and they provide some extra fun.  They really are as simple as they sound.  All you have to do is think of a few trivia questions about you and your fiance and then have them printed on napkins.  You can make them multiple choice if you want or leave them open-ended.  You can fit more questions on the napkin if you do not make them multiple choice.  You can also have different questions printed on different napkins (keep in mind this is more expensive because you have to pay for numerous setup fees).  I chose to include 4 questions on one napking and had 250 printed.

They were a huge hit at the wedding:

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