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(Photo by Fisher Creative Image) What are your plans for your wedding guest book? Many brides have a “sign-in” guest book for guests to sign as soon as they enter the reception.  But how about other ideas such as a sign-in puzzle? Sign-in fingerprint tree? Sign-in wine bottles? There are many unique ideas that couples can use to show their personality as guests enter the reception.  For our wedding we chose to have a puzzle made by MemoryLanePuzzles.  On one side of the puzzle there was a picture of Brian and I and guests each chose a piece and signed the back.  I couldn’t have been happier with the way it turned out and we received a lot of compliments on it.  We are waiting until our 1 year anniversary to read the puzzle pieces!  Another unique idea is a “wishing well.”  When guests arrive they receive a piece of paper and write a piece of advice for the newly married couple.  The pieces of advice are then placed in a “wishing well” which can be any type of container that the bride and groom like.  Another idea is to turn the pieces of advice into MAD LIBS.   The possibilities are endless! What are your guest book ideas???

Wedding Guest Book Puzzle - unique guest book alternative (70 Pieces)Wedding Guest Book MAD LIBS - Marriage Advice - PDF File  WINE LABELS WEDDING, Wine Labels Wedding Guest Book, wine labels, spring wedding Wine label guest book, Guestbook Wine LabelsGuestbook Fingerprint Tree for Wedding SMALL (19"x13")


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